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Use this 2-in1 HR Calendar & Planner 2023 to build a happier workplace with an engaging company culture and higher employee retention rates.

Choose your preferred format (printable calendar pages, a handy planner & notes sections) and start planning your 2023 employee engagement activities right now.

Download HR Calendar 2023 to beat the Great Resignation and engage your employees with success!

Download HR Calendar

What's inside?


Holidays, meaningful & exciting occasions, and other special days for employees & HR professionals


About employee engagement and retention (including useful links)



Calendar pages, a handy planner in a user-friendly format & notes sections


Employee engagement tips and HR & Employer Branding strategy advice

Expert quote

An engaging culture will make employees more likely to stay in their jobs. As a result, you’ll experience less of the disruption that comes from recruiting new hires and filling knowledge gaps.

Donna Cheung, People & Culture Partner at Symmetrical

Download HR Calendar

HR Calendar 2023 will inspire you with employee engagement ideas you may not have considered.

Choose the events that fit your organization best and that your employees will simply love!

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